The Booking Process

How do I set up bookalet to accept online bookings?

There are two main ways in which online bookings can be taken on bookalet. You can configure your bookalet account so the customer can either a) make a booking request or b) make a fully fledged online booking with online payment. Please see "Taking a booking request" or "Taking an online booking" to see a detailed explanation of the two different methods.

Taking a booking request

Bookalet provides a high degree of flexibility to allow you to customise your setup to either take an booking in real time or to take a simple booking request. In this article we will look at how bookalet is configured to take a booking request and then the process that is followed to manage that booking request once made.

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Taking an online booking

Having already looked at "Taking a booking request" (which is the default setting for all newly added properties), we'll now look at "Taking an online booking" .

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Custom fields for calendar and bookings widget

One of our many features is custom fields on your booking form, allowing you to be flexible and add any additional questions you would like to ask your guests prior to arrival, for example, asking your guests for their car registration or perhaps the purpose of their visit? This could be a very special occasion which may be useful for you to know. You can stipulate whether these fields are required or not.

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Collecting guest names and passport numbers

It's often a requirements to collect the names, ages and passport numbers of the guests staying in your property. In order to facilitate this, we have added a new Tag which can be inserted into your email templates. This will provide a link taking your guest to a separate page where a form can collect the relevant information.

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