How do I send guests arrival information?

The system allows you to attach a number of documents to each property in the Bookalet system. You can then decide which of these documents are attached to which emails that the system sends out.

For example, there is an “Arrivals email” that can be automatically sent out to the guest a set number of days before the arrival date.

You start by attaching a document to the property in the Property section:

In the Administration > Account details/Agency details section you can now choose to automatically send out the “Arrival email” a set number of days before the arrival date:

Finally you go to theAccount details >  Email template section and click on Edit for the “Arrival email”. You now select which documents you would like to attach. In this case, just the “Information pack”.

Now, 5 days before arrival, the “Arrival email” will be sent with the “Information pack” document attached.

It should also be noted that any number of documents can be attached to any of the emails being sent out.