Multiple Currencies

Take your payments in the currency that suits your business best

Taking different currencies for my holiday lets

We love that our customers span the globe, and we’re sure you do too!

To make your life that little bit easier, you can choose the currency that you wish to take payment in within your Bookalet account. The currency you take is chosen at a property level which allows flexibility throughout your portfolio of properties if you have them in different locations.

Picking a billing currency in Bookalet | Property Management System | Bookalet

How do I pick my currency?

This is easily done!

Select Bookable from the left-hand menu and go to ‘Add a bookable’.

On this page you need to input all of the details about your bookable, including the billing currency you need, it’s as simple as that.

What if my currency isn’t listed?

We think we’ve covered the main ones, but if you find the currency you need isn’t listed just ask our support team on [email protected] and we’ll be happy to add it in for you.

Need more help?

We have a great Help Centre available online that can help you to answer any questions you may have when setting up your Bookalet account.

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