How do I set availability & pricing?

What is availability? #

Your availability is when your bookable is available for customers to book. You can set this yourself and block out weeks that you aren’t available, your property is already booked or for any other reason!

What is Pricing? #

Your pricing is how much you want your customers to pay depending on how many days they are staying, or when during the year they are booking. The pricing is set at a bookable level and can be set via a weekly price (7 days), a split week (e.g. Monday – Friday / Friday – Sunday), Short Break (Nightly Pricing) or Holiday Pricing

Where do I set my availability and pricing? #

  1. First login to your bookalet account here.
  2. Go to the “Availability & pricing” tab on the left hand menu and click either “Availability” or “Pricing”



How do I add Pricing? #

  1. Click on “Pricing” on the left hand menu beneath “Availability & Pricing”
  2. You can set pricing based on a number of options including a weekly price
  3. When you are on the pricing page, click “Add Pricing” and simply set your date range (from your changeover day) and set a price for the chosen period
  4. Every time you want to alter the price for a particular period, you need to select the right date range


How do I add availability? #

  1. Click on “Availability” on the left hand menu beneath “Availability & Pricing”
  2. You are then able to select dates from your calendar and amend the availability by manually adding dates that are booked, unavailable or provisionally booked
  3. If you are setting up bookalet for the first time, we recommend making your calendar available, and then you are able to add any existing bookings you may already have