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Set up discounts and holiday pricing offers to help promote your holiday let business

Flexible pricing for my holiday let

When you run a holiday let business, it is important to have flexibility with your pricing. A great way to encourage repeat business is to offer discounts. This could be based on how many people stay in the property, or how long before their arrival they have booked.

You can set these discounts up to run throughout the year, or just for selected periods. For example, if you haven’t managed to let your property out and the dates are just around the corner, you can set up a ‘Last Minute Discount’ to encourage a last-minute booking!  

What types of discount can I set up?

  • Weeks before arrival – early bird discount

Encourage early bookings by giving a discount to those who book a certain amount of time before their arrival

  • Days until arrival – last minute discount

Struggling to let out a certain time period at your holiday let? Put on a-last minute discount to secure those dates

  • More than a set number of guests

Encourage uptake of larger occupancy rooms or whole properties by offering discounts for larger groups

  • Less than a set number of guests

Offer discounts to those travelling as a couple or solo with this discount

  • Booked on or before a set date

Bring in those bookings for next year by offering a discount if they book before a certain date!

  • X or more days duration
  • X or more days duration but less than Y days
  • Simple discount codes
  • Provide credit vouchers (ideal for postponed bookings)
Setting a discount in Bookalet | Bookalet property management system

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