How do I add extras?

What are extras? #

Extras can be anything you want them to be! Adding an extra to your bookable means you can charge an extra fee is your guest wishes to add it to their booking. An extra could be anything from a cot, a dog, linen or a bunch of flowers! Extras really allow you to let your guest personalise their stay with you.

How do I add extras to my bookable? #

Adding extras to your bookable is simple;

  1. Go to Bookables on the left hand menu and then ‘List Bookables’

How to add extras | Bookalet

2. Edit the bookable you wish to add the extras to

3. On the bookable page, click ‘Extras’ on the right hand menu where you will be taken to a page where you can input your extra, the maximum available, and whether the extra is charged per stay, per night, per person or per week

How to add extras | Bookalet

4. Simply press add and your extra will be added to your bookable

Things to note #

Please bear in mind that some of the extras can be occupancy dependent. So, for example, if you add “Towel Sets” and have set this to be “per person” then you should set this to be a maximum of 1.  Then if 4 people are staying in the property and they select this option, then 4 lots of Towel Sets will be provided. i.e. one per person.


What are Mandatory Extras? #

Mandatory extras are found below the Optional extras on the edit page.  If you add a mandatory extra they will be automatically added to every booking. A mandatory extra might be a charge for cleaning/housekeeping.