Upgrading to Stripe Connect

Why the change? #

We have now introduced a new closer integration with Stripe for our customers that use Stripe as a payment option. This is a more secure and reliable connection which also has new features which we will add to Bookalet going forward.

When to make the change? #

How to upgrade? #

The process is very simple, login to your Bookalet account and navigate to the (Settings) section in the administration area of the menu, then select (Payment Methods)
Here you will see you current payments methods you have enabled on Bookalet, you will notice that if you are using Stipe it now indicates that is is deprecated. 

To add Stripe connect just click the blue (Add a payment method) button on the top right of the page, this will then show you a selection of payment methods to choose from and you will see Stripe, then just click (add) under the logo

This will in turn take you to a new page, simply click the (connect with Stripe) button, and you will then be taken to a Stripe page where you will be asked to login to your existing Stripe account.
Once you have successfully logged into your correct Stripe account you will be automatically redirected back to Bookalet and the connection will be active, as indicated in green.
Stripe account connected and accepting payments

Once you have completed this task, please log in to your Stripe account and click on ( Developers ) in the top right-hand corner and then click ( Webhooks ) and delete any webhooks related to Bookalet

The process is now complete