IONOS Booking System For Holiday Rentals

Add sophisticated availability calendars, rate cards, booking form, enquiry forms and facility widgets to your website with a single line of code.

Turn your Ionos website into a holiday booking engine

Embed Bookalet’s availability and booking widget into your holiday rental IONOS 1&1 site and allow visitors to instantly check your property’s price and availability. Guests can book their stay directly on your website using the Ionos booking widget and pay online.

Copy your Bookalet widget embed code

Firstly you will need to copy the embed code of the widget you would like to show on your website, this can be done by logging in to your Bookalet account and navigating to ( Publish Widgets ) here you will see a list of widgets that you can deploy to your website.

Once you have chosen the widget you would like to add to your site, you will need to choose ( All Properties or a Single Property ) depending on what you would like to show and if you have mulitlple properties in your Bookalet account or not.

Then highlight the Embed Code and copy it to your clipboard   

How to embed our widgets in your IONOS built website

Step 1
Step 2

On the main menu, click Insert Elements.

Step 3
  • Click Web Services.

  • Step 4
  • Drag the Widget / HTML element to the desired position in the content area.

  • Step 5
  • Enter the desired code.

  • Step 6
  • Click on Save.

  • The HTML code is inserted into your page.

What widgets can I add to my Ionos built website?

You can add a Rate Card, an Availability Calendar, an Enquiry Form, Reviews or full Online Booking. The Online booking can either be real time payments or deferred payments depending on your preference. Our Agent account also provides you with a Search Form so guests can filter the properties to find relevant accommodation.

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