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SMS alerts for holiday let bookings

We know that running a holiday let can be time-consuming! To try and help you manage all of the day-to-day admin that comes along with it, there is the option within Bookalet to set up automated SMS alerts that are sent directly to you.

Whenever you receive a new enquiry for your holiday let, you will receive a text message that lets you know! This means that you are on top of what is happening, no matter where you are.

*Please note, this feature is only available for Pro and Agent accounts.

Why do I need SMS alerts?

Responding to customer enquiries quickly is a vital part of increasing your direct bookings. If a customer knows that you are available quickly should they need anything, they are more likely to book with you!

Responding to their enquiry in good time starts your relationship with the customer on the right foot.

Is there a cost for SMS alerts?

There is no additional charge for our SMS alerts, it is all included in your yearly subscription fee.



How do I add SMS alerts to my Bookalet account?

Adding SMS alerts to your Bookalet account couldn’t be easier. Simply log in to your account, click settings on the left hand side, followed by SMS notifications.

You will be asked to add your country code and your mobile number. Once you have done this you will receive an activation code which you will be prompted to enter, then you are all set to start receiving your SMS alerts!

Adding SMS alerts to Bookalet | Property Management Software | Bookalet

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