How do I configure Bookalet to send from my own email address?

Requires a Bookalet Pro or Agent account

What address will my emails send from through Bookalet? #

By default, Bookalet sends emails from [email protected] this is to ensure that emails are delivered promptly and reliably. You can configure your emails to send from your own email address if you have access to your DNS settings.

How do I set Bookalet up to send emails from my own email address? #

In order to send from your own email address, you will need to add some new records to your DNS settings on your domain. This is to ensure that Bookalet is authorised to send email on your behalf and significantly reduces the chances of your email getting caught in spam filters.

  1. Log into your Bookalet account and scroll down to the administration section
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Then click on ‘Email sending address’. You will be shown a 3-step process to set up sending from your own email address.

Sending emails | Bookalet

4. Simply enter the email address you wish to use to send your Bookalet emails from and click ‘Save’
5. Bookalet will provide you with DKIM and Return-Path details that need updating in your Domain Name

Sending emails | Bookalet
6. Login to your domain name provider and edit the DNS settings for your domain (these are additional settings, there is no need to remove any existing settings you might have.)
7. Once you have updated your DNS settings through your Domain Name Provider, go back to Bookalet and press Verify
8. Once verified through Bookalet your emails will start sending from your email address.

NOTE: It can take a few hours for your DNS changes to be found, so if you can’t verify the changes straight away, please check again later. If at a later date you change or remove these DNS settings, your email sending from Bookalet will be affected. You must keep these settings for the duration of using this email address within Bookalet.