Track Referrals for Your Holiday Let Bookings

Track the sources of your bookings 

Being able to track the sources of your leads and bookings is a great tool available through Bookalet.


Knowing where your bookings are coming from means you can accurately assign your marketing spend to ensure you are getting the best Return On Investment possible.  

You can set up a Booking Source field on new bookings meaning that customers have to tell you where they heard about you!

How can I make tracking referrals work for me?

  1. Define your sources

Staying on top of where your bookings are coming from is tricky but important to the success of your holiday let. Being able to track them properly comes from having clearly defined titles in your list for those booking. Ensure you have an extensive list of every possible source (including Google Search).


  1. Follow up

Once you have your booking, it is worth giving the customer a ring to discuss their booking further, this is a great opportunity to find out where they were searching and how they found you!

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