How do I add special offers?

Requires a Bookalet Pro or Agent account

There are times when you might want to encourage guests to book your property by adding special offers. Bookalet allows you to add two kinds of special offer; a straight forward discount or a reduced price stay for a set date range.

To apply discounts you first need to navigate to the Availability and pricing section and then click on Special offers, where you’ll find the following screen:

Click on the Add Offer button in the Discounts section. This demonstrates how to apply a discount:

Simply select what property or group of properties you wish this discount to apply to. Then describe the type of discount and add the date range you wish the discount to apply to. Finally, add the amount and what terms apply. Click the Save button.

You now arrive back on the Special Offers homepage. Now click the Add Special Offer in the Reduced Price Stay section:

This takes you to the following screen:

Here you simply add the arrival and departure dates and the price you wish to charge for the period. Then click Save. You have now successfully added both kinds of Special Offers available.

To publish these special offers on your website you need to navigate to the Publish Widget section:

Now copy and paste the code found in the Embed Code section into your own website.  You will then see a Special Offers section similar to the one below. You can also view the form by clicking on Preview: