Collecting guest names and passport numbers

It’s often a requirements to collect the names, ages and passport numbers of the guests staying in your property. In order to facilitate this, we have added a new Tag which can be inserted into your email templates. This will provide a link taking your guest to a separate page where a form can collect the relevant information.

To insert the new Tag, first login to your account and navigate to Administration > Email templates. Then select the email you would lik to add this Tag to and click edit.

Then select the Guest Form link Tab and add it to your email along with some suitable text asking the guest to follow the link and provide the information.

Then update the email template by clicking on the yellow button “update email”.

When a booking is managed and this email is sent to the guest, there will now be a link in that email:

When the guest clicks the link they will be taken to a separate page where they can add the required information:

Once the guest has filled the the relevant information and clicked the Save button, the booking detail will be updated:

Update July 2020

This page has now been updated to include address and telephone number for use with Covid-19 contact tracing.