Pricing Templates

Requires a Bookalet Agent account

Many Agent accounts have multiple bookables and updating availability and pricing becomes a major task. To overcome this, Pricing Templates allow the Owner to update multiple bookables simultaneously.

You start by navigating to Availability and Pricing > Pricing Templates:

The click on Add a new template and fill in the template details:

You have to choose a changeover day but don’t worry if you don’t stick with a single day. It just needs to be the same changeover day as you specified in the Bookable section for the bookables you wish to update. Then click Save:

Now click on Edit to update the Pricing template

Add your Pricing for all your periods as you do normally and when finished click Publish:

Select the properties you wish to publish this Pricing template to. In this case, only the bookables with a changeover day of Saturday are displayed. We have chosen Daisy Cottage and Cornish Hut. Click on Publish and the pricing of these two properties will be updated.