Taking a booking request

What is an online booking request? #

Bookalet can be configured to only accept online booking requests, this will mean that any bookings made by customers will need your approval before it is confirmed in the system and payment taken. The dates the guest requests will still be booked off in the calendar as ‘provisional’ before you accept the booking.

How do I set Bookalet up to only accept online booking requests? #

When you set up your Bookalet account, it is automatically set to only accept online bookings requests, to take instant bookings this must be turned on.

How do guests make an online booking request? #

Guests can easily make an online booking request by heading to your website and booking calendar and choosing their holiday date and duration. Once they have filled their details in you and the customer will receive an email with all the details of the holiday.

How do I accept an online booking request? #

Log into your Bookalet account and then click “Bookings” in the left hand navigation panel. You will then be presented with a page displaying all your Active Bookings.

To review the full details of a particular booking, click anywhere on the line of the booking which will take you through to the Booking Detail page.

You can then use the “Manage Booking” box on the right hand side to either “Send a booking confirmation” or “Reject booking request”. When you accept the Booking Request an email will be generated which is subsequently sent to the holidaymaker. Within this email the customer can see how to make a deposit payment (Paypal, Credit Card etc). These payment methods are set in the Administration section.