How to customise content for individual bookables?

Custom fields can be used within your email templates to show bookable related information such as the door key code, a Google Maps link or anything else you can think of. They are accessed using the tags [tag:propertycustom1] etc.

Custom fields are set up in the ‘Bookables’ section. Start by editing the bookable you wish to add a custom field to:

Navigate to Manage Bookable > Settings and scroll down to the section entitled “Custom fields”.  This is where you add, for example, the key code for this property:

In our example, we’re going to put the keycode ‘8484’ into Custom field 1. Now click the “Save” button and navigate to the Administration section and click on “Email templates”.

You can now add the “Property custom tag 1” to any of the emails in your account.  In this case we will add it to the “Arrival” email as this is when the full rental amount for the property has been paid. We have also added a line of text just before the tag:

When a booking is taken and payment of the balance has been made and recorded, an email is automatically sent out to the guest.  This email will now contain the key code 8484 that you added to the property: