How to share calendar information

Requires a Bookalet Pro or Agent account

Why do I need to sync my calendars? #

Although most holiday home owners prefer to take bookings directly on their own website as it minimises commissions that would otherwise have to be paid to 3rd party portals, we know that there are a lot of people who use a combination of direct bookings along with using 3rd party portals!

If you are using both direct bookings in combination with 3rd party bookings it’s important to ensure your calendars are synchronised to avoid double bookings.

What does Bookalet use to sync csalendars? #

We currently use iCal (.ics) files to share information between calendars. We are able to both export the Bookalet calendar to other portals who accept the iCal file and we also import iCal files from other portals.

To export calendar information from Bookalet: #

  1. First login to the Bookalet system and navigate to ‘Channels’.

2. Click ‘Export’ on the portal you wish to export your calendar to (we will use Airbnb as an example)

3. First you need to click ‘Enable’ to turn on exporting for this channel
4. Once enabled, a list of iCal URLs, one for each bookable, will be shown
5. Copy this URL and add it to your Airbnb account

Please note that the calendars may not synchronise immediately and the time between imports varies from channel to channel.

Importing iCal files #

The Bookalet system imports the iCal file as a new booking in the Bookalet system. We import as much information as we can about the booking which has been provided in the iCal file.

What is imported into Bookalet? #

Different portals provide differing amounts of information. We typically import arrival date, departure date and the customer’s name.

To import a calendar into Bookalet: #

  1. Click on Import and then select Airbnb.
  2. Click on the ‘Enable’ button to activate the channel

3. Copy the iCal URL provided by Airbnb and then add it against the relevant bookable in Bookalet
4. Once added, press the ‘Save’ button.
5. Your calendar will now sync the next time the update routine is run.

How often does the calendar sync? #

We run the routine every 20 minutes on the Bookalet site.

How do I know where the bookings have come from? #

You will notice any bookings imported via the Channel manager will have a little icon on the right hand side of the active bookings page to indicate where the booking came from.

Can I edit the imported bookings from 3rd party portals? #

Yes, you can edit the booking to put in as much detail as you want. For example, once the booking has been completed and you get paid by Airbnb, you can then edit the rental value so you have a full record.

Important Points #

If you are using multiple portals, just link each one with Bookalet. Don’t link between portals such as Airbnb with HolidayLetting or Homeaway.