How do I set up Bookalet to accept online bookings?

How can Bookalet help me take online bookings? #

Bookalet can be configured to take online bookings in two ways;

  1. By taking an online booking request
  2. Taking an online bookings and online payments

What is the difference between online bookings and online booking requests? #

If you have set Bookalet up to only accept online booking requests, this means that you need to approve any bookings before taking payment from the customer. You will need to contact the guest after you review it, if you choose to accept the booking. The dates the guest chooses will still be booked off in your calendar as a ‘provisional booking’.

If you have set Bookalet up to accept online bookings, guests will be able to go through the whole booking process and make payment at the point of booking, blocking their dates off in the calendar.

For help setting one of these methods up, head to our detailed guides: