How do I edit a booking?

Is it possible to edit a booking? #

Yes! If you need to edit a booking in Bookalet this is very simple

How do I edit a booking? #

  1. Login to your Bookalet account
  2. Go to ‘Bookings’ in the left hand menu and then click on ‘Active Bookings’ 
  3. Select the booking you need to edit, this will open the booking details page

Edit a booking | Bookalet

4. Use the right hand menu and select ‘Edit booking’ 
5. This will open the edit booking screen where you can amend the booking dates or number of guests. Clicking on the ‘Save and edit values’ button will take you through to a second edit screen.
6. Bookalet will calculate new values for your booking depending on the pricing that you have set for the new time period and displays boxes showing what you should be charging for these dates
7. You have the option to change any of these values and the total is reflected at the bottom of the screen above any amounts the guest has already paid
8. Once you click ‘Save Booking’ you have the option to send an email to the guest with the updated booking details