Adding a booking form or availability calendar to your Facebook page (updated Feb 2021)

You can now quickly and easily add the Bookalet booking form or availability calendar to your Facebook page. This allows you to promote your holiday cottage, glampsite or properties and start taking online bookings from within your Facebook page.

To add this functionality to your Facebook page, follow the simple process below:

Navigate to your Facebook page and click on the ‘Add Action Button’

Clicking this will give you a selection of different button types, the two that allow links to external sites are ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Learn More’, so either of these buttons can be used.

Simply click on either of these button types and the following dialog will appear:

In the box, add the page URL given you in your Bookalet account. This can be found in the Publish Widgets section under Calendar and Booking Form and Direct Link:

You’ll then have something like this:

Now click on Save and you have finished setting up your button.

When your guests click on the button they will see: