How do I add short break pricing?

Some owners prefer maximum flexibility by allowing bookings to start on any day of the week. That’s where “Short Break Pricing comes into its own.

In a similar way to how we added Split Week Pricing, we start by navigating to “Availability and pricing”.

Click on the start and end dates of the period and then add a weekly price. Now check the Short Break Pricing box. A few extra fields will appear where you can enter the minimum number of nights and the nightly price for both weekends and weekdays. In this case we have put £900 for the week, £150 for a midweek night and £170 for a weekend night. Then click the “Update availability” button:

Checking the “Use weekly pricing for short break booking of 7 of more days” simply reverts to the weekly price if the guest selects 7 nights.

When making a booking, the guest will now be able to select any day of the week as their arrival day:

If the guest select Friday 13th July 2018, a drop down box appears allowing the guest to select the number of nights they wish to choose: