How do I cancel a booking

Can I cancel a booking? #

Yes, cancelling a booking is easy through Bookalet

How do I cancel a booking? #

  1. Login to your Bookalet account
  2. Go to ‘Bookings’ in the left hand menu and then click on ‘Active Bookings’ 
  3. Select the booking you need to edit, this will open the booking details page
  4. Use the right hand menu and go to ‘Cancel booking’ 
  5. This will open the cancel booking screen where you can enter the cancellation details

How to cancel a booking | Bookalet

6. Bookalet will display the calculated penalty as defined by your terms (these are set when you set up your Bookable) However you have the option here to override these terms and set your own cancellation fee
7. If you need to refund a breakage deposit, this is done here too. Simply record the method used to return the money and the date the refund was processed.

Is the money automatically refunded? #

No, Bookalet does not automatically refund any money to the customer, some payment providers allow you to refund via their control panel or in the instance of a cheque or bank transfer you may need to contact the customer to arrange a payment.