How do I postpone a booking for future dates?

Why would I need to postpone a booking? #

You may need to postpone a booking if you have a guest who has made a booking but are now unable to make their original booking dates (for example, during covid if someone needed to self-isolate and were now unable to attend, it kept the booking in system for a future date).

How do I postpone a booking? #

  1. Login to your Bookalet account and use the left hand menu to click ‘Bookings’
  2. Go to ‘Active Bookings’
  3. Click on the booking you need to edit
  4. Use the right hand menu and select ‘Postpone booking’ where you will see the following screen
    Postpone booking | Bookalet
  5. Simply enter the reason for postponing, the refund needed (if any) and press ‘Postpone booking’ 
  6. Your booking will now be in the Postponed booking section in your bookings