How do I set up Voucher codes for my guests?

Why would I use a credit voucher? #

Credit Vouchers are a great way to give credit on future bookings if needed or as a gift voucher for potential guests (or maybe as a prize for a competition!)

How do I set up a Credit Voucher? #

  1. Login to your Bookalet account
  2. Use the left hand menu and go to ‘Bookings’
  3. Click on ‘Credit Vouchers’
  4. Click on ‘Add a credit voucher’
    How to add a credit voucher | Bookalet
  5. Enter the details for the Voucher code. You can choose your own voucher code, or it can be automatically generated by clicking the ‘generate’ button
  6. Enter the name or email address of who this is assigned to (this is for your reference only)
  7. Select the currency, this must match the currency of the property you want your guest to use it against
  8. Enter the value of the voucher and any notes you may need to keep, such as why the credit has been issued
  9. Click the save button

How do I sent a voucher code to my guest? #

Currently there is no automated way of sending this code to your guest. To get the code to your guest, simply copy the Voucher Code and send it via email to your guest.

Will my Bookalet account accept Credit Vouchers? #

In order to accept Credit Vouchers, you must enable the Credit Voucher payment method:

  1. Go to Administration on the left hand menu
  2. Click on ‘Settings’  then ‘Payment methods’
  3. Find ‘Credit Vouchers’ and click on ‘Edit’
  4. Click on ‘Accept this payment method’ and save your changes.

Once this is done, your guests will use your normal payment link to pay for any future bookings, but in addition to card payments etc. there will be a ‘Redeem Credit Voucher’ option where they enter the Voucher code. Within Bookalet, this will be recorded as a payment via Credit Voucher.