How do I copy pricing?

When setting up your pricing and availability, a good way to save time is to use our ‘copy pricing’ feature.

Under Availability and Pricing, click ‘Copy pricing’.

The copy pricing page will allow you to copy pricing from any time period where you have already set your availability and pricing to another time period and/or another property.

You can also copy any discounts you have set for this period by selecting the ‘copy discounts’ box.

This feature will also give you the option to add price increases.

Once you have filled in the information necessary, use the yellow ‘copy pricing’ button to save. This will then save this pricing as a draft. To publish the copied pricing template, you will need to click ‘Publish now’ on the next page.

You also have the option to leave this copied pricing as a draft and come back to it later. If you decide to do this, when you re-visit the pricing page you will see the relevant property ‘has draft pricing’.

To publish this draft pricing, press the green ‘select’ button, then select ‘continue with draft’.

This will then give you the option to ‘Publish now’.

When your pricing has been copied successfully, you will see the following screen;