How to create a Customised Scheduled Email

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a customised scheduled email. It covers everything from adding a new template, editing the content, and previewing the email. By following these steps, users can easily create personalised and automated emails for their booking system.

Customised scheduled emails are only available on Pro and Team editions.


1. Navigate to “Emails”

2. Click “Templates”

3. Click the “Scheduled” tab

4. Click “Add new template”

5. Enter a description and subject title for your email

6. Now edit the body of the text to include your copy.

7. You can remove and/or add tags as appropriate by using the Tag menu

8. Once you have added your copy and tags, you can preview the email to make sure it reads/looks how you want it to.

9. Now you can schedule the email to be sent automatically

10. Set your times and parameters for sending

11. You can add conditional parameters too if needed

12. Then click Update Email template and you have created and scheduled a new automated email.