How to add a New Document and manage existing documents

The documents section allows you to manage documents across all of your bookables. In this guide we will show you how to add a new document, assign it to a property and set an expiry date for the document.


1. Click to open the Documents sub menu

2. Click “Documents”

3. Click + New Document

4. Click Browse to find the file on your device

5. Select the Document type

6. Add a description of your document

7. If the document is time sensitive, you can now add an expiry date for it. This field can be left blank if an expiry date is not needed.

8. Select your expiry date from the calendar

9. Save your new Document details

10. Once the document has been uploaded you can assign it to the relevant bookable(s) by clicking on the Assign button

11. Click the checkbox.

12. and then Assign.

13. This particular document has now been assigned to the Bookable called Thyme

14. Each of your uploaded documents has a Manage button which allows you to assign the document, replace the document, set or amend the expiry date and see the document history.

You also have an Archive function which allows you to archive documents no longer in use.