How To Host The Perfect Wellness Trip Property

Wellness vacations have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people seek out ways to disconnect from their busy lives and focus on their physical and mental well-being. Choosing the right property can make all the difference in guest’s experience when booking a wellness getaway, so today we’re discussing our top tips to ensure your property stands out to guests looking to take a break from life’s busy rhythm.

Access to Nature and Outdoor Activities

Nature has a powerful ability to heal and rejuvenate, so if your property is surrounded by natural beauty, make sure to show that off. This could be in the mountains, by the beach, or in a forest – if you can provide a peaceful environment and access to outdoor activities, let guests know!


A property that has all the amenities guests need to make the most of their wellness trip will make their life much easier. Look to add or upgrade facilities such as a gym or gym equipment, a hot tub, or a pool. These give guests the opportunity to take care of their body and mind in a comfortable and serene setting. A kitchen, or local restaurant with healthy food options, is also a plus.

Peaceful and Secluded Location

A peaceful and secluded location is essential for a wellness trip, as it will allow guests to disconnect from the outside world and focus on themselves. If your property is located away from main roads, and has limited access to TV, radio, or internet, show that off too!

Good Reviews

Make sure your reviews from previous guests give a good, accurate representation of your property and all you offer. Properties that have good reviews are more likely to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. Don’t be afraid to ask guests for reviews once they leave!

Room Options

Having a comfortable room is also an important factor for a wellness trip. Make sure your rooms have comfortable bedding and natural light.

Green Features

Properties that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly are a great way to support sustainable living while also reducing your carbon footprint. Guests are increasingly looking for properties that have solar panels, energy-efficient systems and use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Proximity to Local Wellness Activities

If guests are looking for a wellness trip that includes activities such as massage or hot springs, they will make sure to choose a property that is located close to these facilities. Make sure if you have something like this nearby you are advertising it – maybe even set up a partnership with local businesses and direct customers to each other?

Remember, wellness trips are all about rejuvenating and relaxing, so make sure your guests have everything they need to successfully do that!

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