How to Write the Perfect Property Description

The description you use to sell your holiday let property to potential guests is so important because not only will it convince people to book a stay, it will also convince Google to list you higher on related search terms. Here is our helpful guide on what to include in your property description. 

It is really important to know and be able to picture your ideal guests. This way, you know what style of language to use, which features of your property are the most important and you also have a pretty good idea of what they want to know before booking. Consider the questions they would ask if they could only see photos of your property and answer them before they have to ask you. Supply them with information on how far the closest supermarket is, where the closest train station is, how many cars can park outside, etc. 

Once you know your target audience, you can start to consider what they might be searching for. Make a list of these search terms and make sure that you include them in your descriptions in a way that isn’t forced and makes sense. If you just throw the words in as a list that doesn’t really mean a lot, Google won’t like this as much as if you were using the phrases in a way that is helpful.

Describe the space with paragraphs on each room. Seperating each room description into different paragraphs will mean that if someone wants to find out quickly if the kids bedroom has bunkbeds for example, they can do this without having to read through a huge paragraph describing the whole property.

Mention what kind of guests your property is ideal for and why. For example, if your property is ideal for a romantic getaway, make sure you talk about this! E.g. This glamping hut is ideal for families wanting a quirky, unique summer break. Replace words like “great” and “amazing” with more niche words where suitable, for example you could describe the garden as being a ‘grass filled garden ideal for children and secure for dogs’.

List any extras or equipment you provide, for example, in the kitchen description you might list out:

  • Cooking basics such as salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee
  • Fresh bread on your first morning
  • Wine glasses
  • Dishwasher
  • Breakfast bar area
  • Radio

Mention tourist attractions and events that are nearby to help with SEO. For example, if your property is near Cambridge, you would want to include Cambridge University in your description so that anyone searching for ‘Accomodation near Cambridge University’ will find your property listing. Including these keywords will also help potential guests to build a plan of what they could do whilst visiting your property.

Less is definitely not more, however you also don’t want a huge essay that people have to read through just to find out if you accept dogs. Make sure that you provide enough information but lay it out in a way that is organised and makes sense.

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