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How do I add an existing booking?

How do I add an existing booking? When you first start using Bookalet, you’ll probably…

How do I add an existing booking?

When you first start using Bookalet, you’ll probably want to add all your existing bookings to the system so you have a record of everything in the one place. You can add these bookings to the system without sending out any new information to the guests, as that may be a little confusing.

Start by updating the “Availability and pricing” section to set all periods as available

Once done, navigate to Bookings > Add a booking. Go to the 12 month calendar view (default if you only have one property or left click the property name if you have multiple properties) and click on the “Enter dates manually” link.

Enter the arrival date, departure date, the number of people staying and finally the guest details. Click save.

You are now presented with a screen where you can add pricing for this booking. The system will automatically try to pull out any existing pricing which which has been set for this property but you have the opportunity to overwrite it here. Once any base rental pricing, optional extras or discounts have been added, once again, click the save button.

Well done, you have now added an existing booking to the system as can be seen below:

The booking has been added and now you just need to add the payment status. You may have taken just a deposit payment or payment in full. To change the status, simply click on the booking to see the following booking detail page:

In this example, we will assume the booking has been paid for in full. Hence, we click on the “Record full payment” button in the “Manage Booking” box. We are then presented with a screen that allows you to record the payment, the date and the method of payment:

When the payment had been recorded  you will be presented with another page which shows the correspondence that would normally be sent to the guest when a booking and payment is made in full:

Normally this would be sent to the guest as an email. However, as the booking has already been taken (and presumably, other correspondence has already been sent) we simply click on the “Print Word document” button. By doing so records the payment into the Bookalet system but doesn’t send out any new information to the guests. It also converts the booking to a status of “Fully paid”:

Your pre existing booking and it’s current status has now been added to the Bookalet system.

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