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How do I add extras?

You may want to charge extra for a dog or a Z bed or such…

You may want to charge extra for a dog or a Z bed or such like. You do this by first navigating to the Properties section and then editing the property in question.

Scroll down to the section entitled “Optional extras” and you will see something similar to this:

In this example, guests have been given the option to add either a Z bed, a dog or a Welcome Pack.You can select the maximum number available and you can select whether the charge is per stay, per week, per night, per person or per person per night.

In this case, the maximum number of dogs allowed are 2.

Please bear in mind that some of the extras can be occupancy dependent. So, for example, if you add “Towel Sets” and have set this to be “per person” then you should set this to be a maximum of 1.  Then if 4 people are staying in the property and they select this option, then 4 lots of Towel Sets will be provided. i.e. one per person.

You can also add Mandatory extras, which are found below the Optional extras.  This will automatically add this extra to every booking. You might, for example, want to make a mandatory charge for Cleaning/Housekeeping.

When you add an extra, simple click the “Add” button and when finished adding all the extras needed don’t forget to click the yellow”save” button at the foot of the page.

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