Ever wondered how you can bill your guests for using electricity to charge their electric car?

Introducing EV car charging with Bookalet

Now you can earn from electric charging vehicle points at your holiday home & attract more guests at the same time.

Increasing numbers of guests are actively looking for holiday rentals that offer environmentally friendly solution.

Booking.com 2023 insights stated that

“76% of travellers say they intend to make more effort to travel more sustainably in the coming year – yet 29% tell us they don’t know how to find sustainable travel options.”

We have partnered with Voltshare the pay as you go payment-integrated, EV charging solution designed for holiday lets, glamping, hotels and holiday parks.

No contracts, no subscriptions and no maintenance.

You set your tariff and your guest pays when they use the charger, it is as simple as that.

Who does EV charging attract to your holiday rental

1. The Business Traveller

This is someone who meets clients on the road, and is looking to stay over for the night. They are someone who wants to rest for the night after a long day on the road and plug in their EV for an overnight charge as opposed to waiting for a couple of hours at a public charging point then driving back to their accommodation.

According to user feedback, 9 out of 10 business travellers prioritise accommodation with onsite EV charging facilities as they simply treasure their time. Mind you, this is especially crucial if the venue is in a remote location with no public charging infrastructure!*

2. The Serial Staycationer

Usually a family staying over the weekend looking for a quiet escape from the bustle of city life, they would be travelling great distances and need a charge when they finally arrive.

In most cases, if they’re destination does not have charging facility onsite, they would stop over at a service station on the motorway for a quick charge. However, our users have vehemently told us they would much prefer a destination charging facility as they would not only check-in quicker but would save them more money!

Most of them have told us that it’s becoming as necessary as WiFi. If the venue doesn’t have a dedicated charging facility, they simply won’t book due to the immense hassle*

3. The Longstay Self-caterer

The self-caterer stays at holiday cottages in remote locations for extended periods of time as a means of a hard reset from the stresses of modern day life. Like all driven professionals, they’re more sustainable-oriented and have made the necessary switch to electric.

From driving around to nearby attractions or to the local pub, the longstay self-caterer is not only hungry for a quiet accommodation but one that understands their needs for charging up their EV. You wouldn’t expect them to charge their smart phone at a rest stop, so why expect them to charge their car anywhere else other than where they’re staying?*

Data provided by Voltshare

Exclusive offer to Bookalet Customers 10% off the cost of an EV charging point plus a FREE wall plaque explaining how to use the charging point with your branding (worth £100)

How It Works

Set a charging price that works for you and your rental

Your guest scans a QR code on their phone, download the app and pays for the amount they use via debit or credit card

Receive payments from guests instantly

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