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An overview of the holiday let industry in 2022

Find out what our customers in the travel and tourism industry had to say about 2022!


In what was an eventful year for the travel industry, we take a look at the results from our recent survey to find out exactly how our customers found the last year. From sustainability to availability,  here is our 2022 report!

In the last year, sustainability has been an increasingly important topic within the travel industry. Which of the following, if any, have you implemented?

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Have you installed an electric car charging port?

booking system travel report

How do/will you price electric car charging?

booking system travel report

In the last year, where did most of your bookings come from?

booking system travel report

In the last year, how far in advance were most guests booking?

booking system travel report

In the last year, which length of booking have you found to be the most popular?

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In the last year, have you increased your pricing?

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