Top Tips for a Stress-free Check-in Process For You and Your Guests


Whether you are living on site or in a different country, we recommend key-boxes as a method of passing over the keys. This means that you don’t have to feel under pressure to meet and greet every guest on arrival. Let your guests arrive, find the key and settle in. You can then stop by later after they have had a chance to unpack and get settled in. 

If you do prefer to meet your guests in person, why not send an email before arrival letting your guests know that you plan to meet them and show them around, however in case you miss them for any reason, they can access a key via the key-box. 


All the Info 

Make sure that you ask your guests for a rough time of arrival so that you know when to expect them. Provide directions to the property, parking instructions and your contact details in case they get lost or something goes wrong. Make sure you send your directions as a PDF rather than as part of an email. This means they can be downloaded and accessed without internet signal.



Either set your wifi up with no password necessary or provide the WIFI password before arrival. This means that if your guests don’t have signal on arrival but need some help with anything, they already have WIFI access.


First Night Meal

On arrival date, send an email with your recommended restaurants and takeaways. Chances are, your guests haven’t had a chance to properly explore the area and may appreciate some ideas on where to eat! You could even go the extra mile by suggesting restaurants for specific dietary needs, e.g. somewhere that offer a vegan or gluten free menu. This is something that won’t be expected but will be very helpful to those who need it.


Welcome Pack

A welcome pack is always a nice feature to offer. Provide basics such as tea, coffee, sugar and bread. This might save them a trip to the local supermarket and give them more time to settle in. All of these extra touches will be appreciated. If you have time, you could even ask guests for their preferred milk and whether they need any other groceries. Provide a price list for these or add them as optional extras within the booking process. We have lots of ideas on welcome packs over on our Pinterest!


Take Note of Feedback

Make sure that you are listening to any feedback you receive. Why not specifically ask how your guests found the check-in process? If you have improved part of your process since receiving a negative review, make sure that you reply to the review letting them know. Potential guests will check your reviews before booking and you don’t want to leave any negative reviews unanswered.

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