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New Website Builder

For those of you with a desire to take control of your own website, this…

For those of you with a desire to take control of your own website, this new offering opens up endless possibilities…

The new Website Builder is incredibly easy to use and makes it a sinch to produce your own masterpiece. You simply start with one of our templates and then customise until you’re happy with the results and ready to publish. Combined with Bookalet, it provides a simple, elegant, one stop solution for your entire holiday rental business.

  • * Modify and update as often as you wish with no additional costs.  
  • * Fully optimised for mobile devices and search engine friendly code.  
  • * Attract new customers and take bookings on your own site without paying commissions to 3rd party portals. 
  • * Inexpensive with website hosting included. 
  • * Take control of your bookings and maximise rental revenues. 
  • * No payment required until you go live. 
  • * Prices start at £149 + VAT per year.

Here’s an example of what one of our clients built in a weekend:


And here’s the first Agent to adopt the website builder:


And another great example of what can be achieved:

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