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How do I set availability & pricing?

How do I set availability & pricing? Login to your Bookalet account and navigate to…

How do I set availability & pricing?

Login to your Bookalet account and navigate to the “Availability & pricing” section and click on “Set availability & pricing” You’ll see the following screen:

To start with, there will be no availability or pricing information set. If your changeover day is Friday and, for example, you want to set the price for the period between Friday 11th November and Friday 23rd December, simply click on Friday 11th November in the main calendar and then Friday 23rd December in the main calendar. This automatically fills in the Start Date and End Date boxes at the top of the page.

Make sure the status is set to whatever you want it to be; Available, Booked, Provisionally Booked or Unavailable. Then enter the weekly price for this period and click “Update Availability.” It’s as simple as that; you have now made your first entry.

Obviously, every time you wish to alter the price, you have to select a new period. There is also an option to add Short Break pricing and Split Week pricing and Holiday pricing but we’ll ignore these for the time being.

You may already have some periods booked out, so you can add these to your Availability Calendar by following the same process as above but this time you simply select the “Booked” status. Your calendar will then look something like this:

Congratulations. You have successfully completed the basics. You can now start using the Bookalet system to do something useful.

PS When first setting up Bookalet, we recommend you start by making everything available and then add a booking for any existing bookings you already have for your holiday let.

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