How To Market Your Holiday Let Over Hotels

Wondering how you can market your holiday let property so that it stands out can be daunting, especially when thinking about how you can get guests to choose your property instead of just booking a local hotel. Here are some of our top tips on how to do this!

Provide good quality bedding and towels – Often when booking a hotel, bedding and towels go without saying. Making sure that you supply these and mentioning that you supply them in your property descriptions will offer guests reassurance that they are being provided with what they would get in a hotel room (and more!)

Create a video tour – Many hotels now have promotional videos, giving potential guests an even more in depth insight into what they are booking. This is also a great idea for your holiday rental, but if you do this, make sure it is good quality. It may be worth investing in a videographer if this is in your budget.

Work on your SEO – If people are searching for ‘places to stay in Norfolk’, improving your SEO will mean you appear higher for this search topic. Hotels are often high up on search terms like this, so don’t fall behind! Read our blog post on SEO tips for more info.

You can’t please everyone – Every guest will have different tastes, needs and budgets. You can’t please everyone, so don’t be afraid to market to specific niches. For example, if your property is family and dog friendly; use this to market your property around family breaks rather than just saying in your property description that you allow kids and pets. Create landing pages dedicated to specific types of guests to improve SEO!

Communication – Hotels are very often lacking that personal touch, so use this to your advantage. Keep guests up to date and offer them advice on the local area; e.g. your favourite restaurants and parks. 

Promote the idea of ‘living like a local’ – The idea of having your own space and ‘living like a local’ is a great marketing theme. This is what makes your property the most different to local hotels. 

Spend less on food – Having a kitchen whilst travelling is ideal because it gives you the chance to save money on food by cooking your own meals. Provide guests with information on local grocery shops so that they can decide whether to go out to eat or stay in and cook. Often potential guests may assume that a hotel is the cheaper option, when this is not always the case, especially when you include costs like eating out.

Personal space – Often when staying in a hotel, everyone is squashed up in one room. A rental property means everybody has their own room and therefore their own space. Make sure you share photos and information about every room, not just the main bedroom!

One cost – Hotels often charge per guest rather than per room, so if you have one fee for booking your whole property use this to your advantage when advertising.

Home comforts – Often booking a property rather than a room can offer more home comforts whilst travelling. Promote this sense of ‘home’ within your photos and be sure to mention homely extras you supply such as a bookshelf!

If you are looking to start renting out your property or serviced accomodation, you can start a free 30 day trial with Bookalet here. Bookalet allows you to start taking bookings direct through your own website with no commission fees. Bookalet is a booking management system, meaning all of your bookings, whether they have come direct from your website or through another platform such as Airbnb are all recorded and tracked in the same place.

Bookalet also offer a website building software with an easy drag-and-drop system. Learn more about this here.

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