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Our past featured properties have been customers who have been with Bookalet for a while, however this time we have spoken to Friend of a Friends who are new to Bookalet. We wanted to find out how they found the process of getting set up with Bookalet!

This modern property in Rhosneigr, Anglesey sleeps up to 11 guests. Friend of a Friends is the name of this property because that is the way the owners see it. “Its there as a family oriented space, for ourselves, friends, friends of friends and new friends! It’s designed for holidaying in, and we don’t believe places like this should be sat empty.” The owners explained to us how they have been visiting Rhosneigr for years and always wanted to invest in a place. “We considered a caravan as the kids would love it, but purchasing and operating a holiday home just made sense financially! (and it happens to be loads of fun too). “

When we spoke to the owner, Sam, he explained that he was reccomended Bookalet via someone already using the system. “It’s great. As a non techy person, it was easy to integrate the system with our WordPress site, and we have used it to centrally manage our calendar and all communication. It even provided basis for all the T&C’s and legal bits!”

When we asked how they had found support from Bookalet whilst signing up, Sam explained that “It’s got us from 0 to launch in weeks. They helped us to take our first bookings and provided confidence around the diary. In truth I’ve not needed much, I’ve mostly relied on the written guides and found it very intuitive. Which I guess is the journey any newby would want!”

Sam also spoke about how he thinks that the future for Friend of a Friends will involve lots of returning clients that become regulars and friends of the house. “We have has neighbours ask if we can list for them, manage for them, or offer bookings for larger groups across the houses so we may consider this too!”

This property is obviously a wonderful example of how to invest in a property and make it work as a Holiday Let business. You can visit their website at www.friendofafriends.co.uk and get booked up ready for next summer!

Also be sure to follow them on Instagram here!

If you’d like to learn more about how your business can grow with Bookalet, visit our Products page here!

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