Why Tiny Houses are Increasingly Popular Holiday Let Properties

What are tiny houses?

A ‘tiny house’ is traditionally around 2.4 x 5 meters in size and contain all the necassary facilities of a normal sized house. They are designed to be a more simplistic way of life, with creative designs that make the most of a small amount of space.

How do property owners benefit?

‘The Tiny Life’ reported that the cost of building a tiny house is on average $23,000 if built by the owner, which converts to roughly £17,944. With this being significantly less than the cost of a normal sized property, it instantly becomes a more accessable, realistic idea for people interested in the holiday let industry. They are easy to keep clean and tidy, making change over day much less stressful.

Tiny houses can often also be moved, therefore they are great for adding to your already existing site – then, if you ever sell your properties, you can take your tiny house with you wherever you go.

How do guests benefit?

There are so many reasons a guest would benefit from staying in a tiny house, including;

  • A tiny house can be a more affordable option when it comes to booking a trip.
  • They are different, quirky and unique places to experience. 
  • They are more eco-friendly.
  • They are cosy/ romantic places to stay.
  • Ideal for shorter breaks, a great ‘base’ to come back to after a day of exploring.
  • A tiny house can often give a ‘closer to nature’ experience.

What are the cons?

Of course, these tiny houses can only sleep so many people. Therefore the number of guests your home will appeal to does narrow, however this would still be the case for a one bedroom apartment. They also have less storage space for luggage and guests may feel a bit limited on rainy days when they don’t have their usual indoor space.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear what you think of tiny homes. Would you ever consider adding one of these quirky properties to your holiday rental business?

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