Tips for Airbnb Rental Hosts

Here are a few tips for all you owners who have holiday lets on Airbnb.

Have a rental agreement

An Airbnb rental agreement gives you added protection from a full range of nasty problems and random surprises that can arise when renting your property. Some of the reasons to have this are:
1. Defining who the guests are, requesting full names (this should be every guest that is renting your property), this then stops guests from having parties in your home or undeclared guests.

2. Outline what guests can expect from your property and what is included in the price. Supply the full address and map, to help guests find your property.

3. Check-in, check-out dates and times, indicate whether there will be additional charges if guests do not check-out on time.

4. Explain the house rules e.g. no pets, what to do with trash etc.

5. A breakdown of exact costs. You could also give local transportation suggestions or where is best to dine out. 

6. What to do in the event of an emergency or if there are any maintenance issues.

7. Damages, what would they be liable to pay for damages if they were to happen? How should they leave the property? Do they need to clean up or is this included etc?

8. Parking, are guests permitted to park? If so, how many vehicles. Just state the parking situation at your property. 

Keep your rental clean

Guests expect your property to be as clean as a hotel room. Thoroughly cleaning your property is important, especially for those reviews. Adding an air freshener wouldn’t harm, there is nothing better than a nice smelling home. 

Be present with guests

A lot of guests not only expect a place to stay but someone to advise on local entertainment or suggestions for dining etc. Perhaps you have an email that gives guests some ideas of what to do in the area. Make it personal, be prompt with responding to their emails or texts, by doing this, you will seem like the host who goes above and beyond for their guests. This could assist in getting you superhost status.

Be transparent

Make sure that your property has the amenities you listed. I have had this personally, been promised certain things, to discover they are in fact not present. Also sleeping arrangements, my most recent Airbnb stay was opposite to what was advertised on the website, the rooms didn’t sleep what they listed they could, so we had to rethink sleeping arrangements. Just make sure you are clear about what your property has to offer. Same goes for photos, take photos of the rooms the guests will have access to. 

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