Stripe SCA update

Stripe SCA update

On September 14, European regulation will mandate Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments. When it goes into effect, a form of two-factor authentication will be required for many card payments. 

Stripe have introduced a new integration that is SCA compliant, which has meant that Bookalet have had to change the stripe implentation accordingly. The good news is that you don’t need to do anything, if you are taking payments from Bookalet via Stripe then you are already SCA compliant. You can verify this in your Stripe account by clicking ‘Updates’ in your left menu and looking at the ‘Monitor your progress’ panel:

You should now see that all payments taken from Stripe since the 2nd August are SCA compliant. 

So whats changed?

Previously when your customers clicked on the pay now button, they were presented with a small Stripe pop-up window. The new method goes to a new page on Stripe where your customer enters their details. You now have the option to add your logo to this page if you wish (Stripe.com Settings-> Checkout Settings-> Customize Checkout)

You may also see that your Stripe account also has a ‘Webhook’ added under the developers section, its worth noting that this is need in order for Bookalet to be notified of successful payments, so removing this webhook will stop it from working. Also worth noting is that if you don’t use the standard API keys and try to set up a restricted key, this will also fail to work.

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