Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter

The development team have been beavering away on some quite large developments but in between they have also managed to complete a number of minor improvements requested by our user base. Here’s a few of these developments:
Consolidated iCals for Housekeepers
We’re pleased to announce the introduction of this new feature. If a housekeeper looks after a number of properties, the arrival and departure dates for all properties can be consolidated into a single iCal file which can populate the housekeeper’s calendar app. The URL for this iCal can be found in the Users section. Simply select the Housekeeper, then Edit and the URL is near the foot of the page.  Only available in the Pro and Agent accounts. 

Custom Documents (attachments to emails)
In addition to the six pre-defined documents that can be attached to emails sent to a guest, you can now add three of your own. This allows you to call these documents anything you like prior to attaching them to a specific email template. You can name and upload these documents in the Property > Edit section under the “Additional information” section.
Maximum Occupancy 
To clear up any confusion about maximum occupancy in a property, we’ve changed the way these numbers are set in the Property > Edit section.  You now have to stipulate the maximum numbers of adults, children and infants separately. However, when a guest makes a booking, the system only adds the adults and children together to determine if the booking exceeds the maximum occupancy allowed. The infant count is a separate stand-alone condition which also can’t be exceeded. 

Owner New Booking Emails
For those of you with Agent accounts, it’s possible to send an automated email to the owner every time a booking is made.  This email has now been updated to include any extras the guest may have ordered.

Mailchimp API
Mailchimp recently sent out an email to all customers (Bookalet and any of our subscribers using the Mailchimp API) to the effect that they were retiring some of their API.  The API is the thing that allows Bookalet to communicate with Mailchimp. Please rest assured we have taken the necessary steps to overcome this and service will continue as normal.

Website Builder
Just a brief reminder about our new website builder option. If any of you are considering redevelopment of your website, we’d be delighted if you gave it a trial. Simply click on the “website builder” button in your account and choose from a number of pre-defined templates.  Add photos and content and you’ll be all ready to go. And should you need any help, our resident expert, Rob, is here to help.

That’s all for now.  

With kindest regards,   Ross


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