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Top 10 Tips on Taking Great Photos of your Holiday Let Property!

When advertising your property online, the photos you share are your chance to sell and show off how great it is! This can be quite an overwhelming task, so we at Bookalet have put together a guide on how to take these photos and make sure your property is looking its best in every shot.

Time of Day
Consider the time of day. We recommend photographing your property on a sunny day, when the sun is shining through the windows but isn’t too bright. Try to avoid harsh shadows when possible as this will darken the image. For any external shots of your property, make sure the sky is looking nice and blue!


Show it at Night
Add photos of your property at different times of the day as a bonus; for example, how about one of how it looks under a sunset and one under the night sky. If you’re taking a photo of your property under the stars; set up a tripod and set your camera to a long shutter speed. This will let you capture the stars moving across the sky and will end up being a super creative shot!

Tidy it Up
Tidy up! It may sound obvious, but it’s important. Make the extra effort to tidy the space, organise the book shelf, lay the table. The photos can only make it look it’s best if it is as tidy as can be!

Holiday Let Photography

Shoot in RAW
If you are using a DSLR, shoot in RAW. This will make the photos more flexible when coming to edit them. For example, if you have an image come out too dark, it will be much easier to fix in editing if you have shot in RAW.

Consider the White Balance
Set your white balance to auto. One of the most common mistakes made is dull, orange toned images who have used the wrong white balance. Auto white balance will mean you don’t have to worry about this.

Show the Extras
Take detail shots of the extras you provide. If you leave fresh bread and eggs for your guests; why not show it! Take photos of all the added extras you do. Having these photos amongst the more interior shots will help to give your property a home away from home feel and show that you genuinely care that your guests have a great stay. It’s a good idea to use a shallow depth of field for these. To do this, set your aperture to as low as it can go and focus on the most important subject. Anything behind this will be blurred, putting all attention on the detail highlighted!

Reflect Light Back
Use a large piece of white paper or board as a reflector to bounce light back if the space needs brightening. This is especially effective with your detail shots if you need to get rid of a harsh shadow.

Show the Local Area
Add photos of the local area. For guests who are not already familiar with the location, this will help them to set the scene and reassure them that the location is perfect for their holiday. Include images of local activities and tourist spots as well as your favourite hidden gems.

Give Them an Edit
Don’t be afraid to edit. Whether you have taken the photos on a phone or a DSLR, don’t be afraid to give them a tweak after. Brighten them if they need it, add some contrast, crop/ straighten them. These small alterations can take your images from being average to great!

Bring it To Life
Display some flowers or a grocery bag to bring the property to life. You want your guests to imagine themselves enjoying themselves on holiday when they look at these photos – get creative! If your property allows pets, why not share a photo of a dog enjoying the sun in the garden? Set the scene!

Try Different Angles
Get some different angles. What does the garden look like from the upstairs windows? What does the property look like on google earth?

You don’t need a fancy camera or extra lights to do your property justice – in many of these tips a decent phone camera will do the job. You just need to be willing and ready to get a bit creative! Give it a go and tag us via Instagram or Facebook in any images you create with our guide!

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