Bookalet Spring Newsletter

Spring 2018 Newsletter

All New Website Builder
We’re thrilled to be launching our simple to use, drag and drop website builder to help promote your business and maximise revenues. When combined with Bookalet, this will provide a simple one stop solution to manage your entire online presence. Simply click on the “Website builder” button in your Bookalet account to start exploring the possibilities.  We’ve even provided a few design templates for you to experiment with. The product is still in Beta so we welcome all feedback. Honestly, we do!  www.thecornishway.co.uk have already taken the plunge!
Agent Map Search
Here’s a new widget which provides a filterable form with a map display and the location of your properties on that map. Clicking on the property location pops a window that displays the property details and a book now button. Becky’s been asking for this one for a while! See the Publish Widget section for a preview (Agent account only)

Widget (Form) Publishing
Until now, we’ve just provided you with a simple script to publish on your web page.  This has the effect of making it seem as if you have your own availability calendar or booking form in your own website. Recently we’ve become aware that some platforms aren’t so keen on allowing one to publish scripts, so to make things easy, we’ve simply given you the option of publishing these forms on a page on the Bookalet system.  You then just link to this page from your own website with a hypertext link. This URL can be found in the Publish Widgets section under “Direct Link”.

Booking Leads
When bookings were simply added via the Bookalet system, both you and the guests had the option of recording where the lead came from. Since we started importing calendar information and bookings from 3rd party sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway, we’ve modified things to automatically record the import source and also to give you the ability to edit this source. Now the Lead Analysis report will make a lot more sense!

I hesitate to even make mention of this but we are doing a few things to make compliance easier. I need to start by saying we are not experts in this field and you need to take independent advice for both your business and your website. It’s even more complicated for us because we’re both a controller of your data and a processor of your client’s data. One of the things we’ll be doing is to add a section where you can add your own Privacy Policy. Similar to the way guests have to agree to your Terms and Conditions before making a booking, you will then have the option of also asking them to accept your Privacy Policy. We’ll send out a more detailed email when the work is complete but just wanted to give you a quick heads up on the work we’re doing behind the scenes.

That’s all for now. It just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Kind regards,  Ross

Founder and CEO

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