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Holiday let cleaning checklist for a spotless stay

For many people travelling, and hosts alike, cleanliness is one of the top considerations. For guests, a dirty home or room can ruin holiday as soon as they step over the front door, and for hosts, it can ruin their reputation.

Whether you do all the cleaning yourself or you have a team to help, it’s important to structure your cleaning schedule and tackle big cleaning tasks with a clear plan in mind.

For our full FREE, DOWNLOADABLE cleaning checklist, click here! 

General cleaning and common areas
There’s a big difference between a rental that is cosy and lived in, and one that is messy and unclean, and guests can definitely tell the difference! 

Some areas in a house can easily be missed, and it is these small touches that mean so much to guests. Doorknobs, light switches and cupboard handles being prime suspects! 
These commonly used items become grubby quickly, so it’s important to always remember to give them a thorough clean after the guests leave. 

First impressions count and the exterior of your property is the first thing your guests will see, so you need to give off an amazing first impression to set the standard for the rest of the property. 

Rake up any fallen leaves, fix broken paving slabs, trim bushes and mow the lawn to ensure the outside perfectly represents the inside. 

Nobody wants to cook in someone else’s grubby kitchen. If the oven is caked in grime or the cupboards are full of other people’s crumbs, guests are bound to be turned off. 
Be sure to clean the inside of every amenity (microwaves, ovens and fridges), as well as wiping down and disinfecting the outside. 
Be sure that any condiments, spices or oils are topped up and within date, and restock clean tea towels, sponges and cleaning equipment for the next holiday maker. 

Bathrooms are prime areas for damp build-up so it is important to consistently check over tiles, grout and silicone and re seal them if necessary. 
If you provide towels for your guests, ensure they are still in excellent condition. If they aren’t, replace them. The same applies for shower curtains, bath mats and toilet brushes! 

The place your guests sleep at the end of a long day exploring the local area, is possibly the most important room of all! A good night’s sleep, comfortable mattress and above all, a clean bed – are the key ingredients. 

Spend the money on a quality mattress (your guests will thank you) and good quality linens are a must if you want them to last. 

These are a just a few of our ideas from our extensive list – to read them all, download our free holiday let cleaning checklist here!  

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