How to Make a Staycation Just as Appealing as a Holiday Abroad!

How to Make a Staycation Just as Appealing as a Holiday Abroad!

When planning a summer holiday for the family, a staycation can be increasingly attractive when you begin to think of avoiding airports, going through security, updating passports, and all the other time-consuming obstacles that come with going abroad. Here are some great selling points for you to share with potential guests.

It’s just easier!
Sometimes you just need a break. Flying and everything that comes with it can be stressful, therefore to be able to go on holiday without any of these worries is surely a much better idea. Just jump in the car or train and off you go!

More affordable
Booking flights, airport transfers, hotels, food, it all adds up. Staycations can be so much more affordable whilst still being luxury, exciting experiences. Why not use the money you’ve saved to book some fun activities or experiences for the family, or add them to the food budget so you can eat out more whilst away? Staycations are great for families wanting to save money whilst not missing out on their summer holiday.

No Passports!
If your passports have expired, it can be expensive to get them all renewed. No passports needed on a staycation!

Explore Places You Didn’t Know Existed
Book a holiday rental in a location you know next to nothing about and you’ll have an amazing time exploring a quiet seaside town or spotting the local wildlife! This can make a holiday both fun and an educational experience for the children. Alternatively, why not book a break in a city you do know? You’ll be surprised at how you see a city differently when you are a tourist. Spend time visiting all of the tourist locations you usually don’t have time for.

Pack Whatever You Like
With no luggage weight limits, you can pack as many outfits as you want.. your car boot space is your only limit!

Family Friendly
It’s no secret that flying with kids is a challanging experience. Skip all of this by staying somewhere that is just a drive away from home. Rather than a hotel, rental cottages can be so much more practical as well as enjoyable. They can give your family so much more freedom when it comes to meals, allowing you to cook at home for your fussy eaters! Instead of squeezing the family into a hotel room, enjoy a home away from home with plenty of space for everybody. A private pool, often for half the price of a shared pool abroad. Yes please!

Bring the Dog
No need to spend a fortune on booking the dog into a kennel – let them enjoy your holiday with you! Make sure that you book a pet friendly property and enjoy spending your time off with your best animal friend as well as the rest of the family. This will also encourage you to get out and about, exploring local scenic walks. Don’t forget your camera!

Shorter Breaks
If you can’t get a whole week off work, not to worry. Book a weekend away and get back in time for Monday morning in the office. No jetlag! Especially handy for shorter breaks, skip the jetlag and start enjoying your break from day one without feeling tired. This will also help you get back into work mode when you are back from holiday too!

Support the Economy
Don’t forget that by booking a holiday in your own country, you are putting money straight back into the UK’s economy. Last year, Expresswrote that more than half of Britons decided on staycations, which was set to boost the UK economy by £31billion!

Whether you book to see the mountains in Snowdonia, the beaches of Cornwall or want to go for a cosy lodge in The New Forest, a staycation is a great option.

How to Make the Most out of a Staycation

Plan Some Activities

Have you always wanted to try kayaking? Maybe you want to book the kids into a horseriding lesson? A staycation is the perfect excuse to try all of these things.

Go Holiday Shopping
Just because you aren’t getting on a plane doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some new holiday clothes. Treat yourself! But don’t forget to save them for your holiday!

Make the most of the kitchen and cook your own meals to save money from going out to eat every night. Also, it can just be nice sometimes to spend your evenings relaxing in your holiday rental.

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