How to Keep a Clean and Tidy Holiday Let Property

1. Leave a guide 

If your guests can do something small that will make your job much more efficient, there is no harm in asking. For example, ask that they;

  • Leave used towels in the bath or shower
  • Leave the fridge as they found it – take any used items.
  • Empty the bin on their way out

These three requests won’t take your guests much time at all, yet will be very helpful to you. Include this information in an email as well as in your welcome booklet. These requests will be expected by most guests anyway.

2. Charge a Cleaning Fee

With Bookalet, you are able to add extra costs onto your bookings. This can include a cleaning fee, which you can refund after you have seen how the guests treated the property. If they left anything broken or damaged, this fee will be used to fix or maintain these issues. 

3. Consider your Decor

While it can be great to fill your bookshelves with quirky ornaments, consider how easy it will be to keep all of these decor items clean and tidy. You don’t want guests complaning that your property was full of dust, but you also don’t want to spend unnecassary time dusting! 

When furnishing your property, go for surfaces that are easier to keep clean. Choose waterproof flooring to avoid stains when guests spill drinks or walk in with wet shoes. 

4. Check the dishes

Even if you don’t think they have been used, make sure to check all pots and pans for grease/ food. Put all the cutlery through the dishwasher, just to ensure it is as clean as possible. 

5. Make a Checklist

Keep a checklist to make sure you are checking all the smaller details as well as the more obvious chores. For example;

  • Check for blocked drains
  • Check for limescale
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Spray the house with flea spray if you allow dogs
  • Wipe down skirting boards and door frames
  • Check the light bulbs
  • Hoover under furnature, including under the sofa cushions

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