Why Your Holiday Let Website Needs a Blog

We often encourage our Bookalet users to add blogs to their holiday let websites, but why is this such an important feature? These are the main reasons we recommend adding a blog to your website!

1. Something to Share

One of the main reasons blogs can be so beneficial to your holiday let website is because these blogs can be shared. If you are creating interesting, engaging content, people are likely to share your blog posts across social media. Content is increasingly likely to be shared when it features other businesses, perhaps in the local area or in the same industry. Share information on local restaurants, cafes and shops that will be useful for future guests but also help to promote local/ small businesses. 

2. Add Some Personality

A blog is also a great way to add some personality to your business and attract your ideal guests. Whether you are marketing your property towards families or couples, a blog allows you to add this ‘voice’ to your brand. 

3. Add Keywords and Phrases

The main reason we reccomend adding a blog to your holiday let website is because of the impact this can have on your SEO. By writing blog posts on relevant topics, you are using keywords which will help you to attract your ideal audience. Think about the keywords you would like to focus on, for example ‘Norfolk Family Holiday Cottage’ and plan blog content around these words. Don’t use them in a staged, unnatural way, but instead plan content so that these words fit nicely in with your blogs. If your content doesn’t make sense, Google won’t like it!

4. Keep Guests Informed

Keep in touch with previous guests by updating your blog regularly. Any updates, offers, etc. should be shared to your blog and perhaps even in an email newsletter too, driving traffic back to your blog.

5. Content to Share

Finally, creating content for blog posts is also creating content which can be shared throughout your social media platforms. You can reshare blog posts multiple times if you time it right – so with a regularly updated blog, you’ll always have something to discuss on your social media! 

Do you have a blog for your holiday let website? Share your experience with our Bookalet community in the Bookalet Facebook Hub!

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