What to Expect: Post-COVID-19 Bookings

With lockdown measures easing, the time for reopening your UK holiday let properties is getting closer and closer. But what should you expect in a post-covid-19 market?

Although the rules throughout the UK are still against staying at holiday let properties (as of 25 May 2020); with so many restrictions in travelling abroad, it is extremely likely that we will see an increase in the amount of staycation bookings towards the end of summer and perhaps into next summer too.

A recent survey by Algarce Fun suggested that 69.3 percent of those who took part still plan on going on a summer holiday. The Guardian recently suggested that “A bigger change might be possible on July 4… when the hospitality industry might be able to start operating again, assuming that acceptable social distancing can be introduced”

What to Consider 

1. Make sure your website is ready to take direct online bookings for when the lockdown rules are lifted. Taking direct bookings means that you have control over your own T&Cs rather than being forced to follow OTAs.

2. Create a detailed cleaning plan and share this with guests to reassure them

3. Consider contactless check-ins using a key box

4. You may need to consider promoting different local attractions to gain guests attention; for example, larger public gatherings are unlikely to be a selling point this summer.

5. Make sure you keep a record of all guests contact details in case you do get a confirmed case

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