Top 5 Travel Trends for 2020 : A Guide for Holiday Let Owners

With the new decade comes a new generation of potential guests, a new audience to market your holiday let towards. Here is our guide to travel trends for 2020 to help any holiday let owners stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks.

1. Eco-friendly properties
With the growth in awareness for global warming and climate change, a growth in interest for eco-friendly properties has also increased. From serving vegan/ vegetarian options at breakfasts to the bigger things like solar panels, all of these changes are becoming increasingly important to people when booking accomodation. These topics are ideal for including in your property descriptions to add in keywords and to help sell the eco-friendly experience. 

2. Smart Technology
It is likely that guests will have a growing collection of ‘smart technology’ in their own homes, so the expectation to have these luxuries when travelling is increasing too. From wireless phone charging spots to smart keyboxes for an easier, smoother check-in process, all of these technologies will be an increasingly popular trend in the travel industry and are great if you want to ‘wow’ guests!

Smart technology is also a great way of keeping track of your property, as smoke and CO detectors can be connected to your smartphone which will then send an alert if any of these sensors go off. Ideal for non-smoking properties as you will recieve an alert if guests are breaking these rules. Smart thermostats allow you to monitor the temperature and avoid guests leaving the heating on after checking out.

3. Experiences
Many guests are now looking for not only accomodation but also accomodation which offers extra experiences. You can use Bookalet to allow guests to book extra activities or ‘optional extras’. For example, art classes or guided tours. Why not contact local businesses to discuss how you could offer these? 

4. Travelling local
Leading on from the environmental awareness issues, less people are wanting to fly, especially for short breaks. ‘Flight shaming’ has become a trend, making people feel guilty for boarding too many flights due to climate change. This may not be effecting too many people just yet, but within the new decade it could become a much larger issue. This could make ‘staycations’ a huge trend of the decade.

5. Easy from the word ‘Book’
When booking online, guests have millions of options at their fingertips. This is why it is more important than ever to make your booking process as simple and quick as possible. Bookalet allows guests to book online via your website meaning you have control of the whole booking process, unlike listing sites where your competitors will be sat right next to you. Sign up for a 30 day free trial here.

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